Dave The Diver: Best Employees List

July 2, 2023
Did you know that there are Employees in Dave the Diver? Let’s see which one of them are the best.

In Dave the Diver you have a lot of employees that you will meet as you progress through the game itself. These employees will help you keep your restaurants up and running by providing you skills in cooking, serving, managing, cleaning and all those skills that you would find in your everyday restaurant.

It is great to know which employees are the best if you want your restaurant to be as efficient as possible.

In this guide, we will show you the best employees list in Dave the Diver.

Best Employees List

Before we start off, I like to mention that all of the employees are categorized by ranks. These ranks are:

  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

As we all know there are many ranking systems in games, diamond is the best rank for an employee and the bronze rank is the worst rank.

Obtaining the Diamond and Platinum employees will take you some time and effort. We all start low and eventually make our way up to the top with high-quality employees which will guarantee that your business is running perfectly.

Each employee has a certain set of skills, and professions that they are good at. That means that you need to strategize your employees well if you want everything to go smoothly.

You shouldn’t get all employees to be cooks if you don’t have servers.

Let’s begin with all of the employees, their abilities, and their rank.

Bronze Rank Employees

There are two Bronze Ranked employees, they are:

  • Kyoko
  • Mitchell

Kyoko has the following stats:

  • Cooking – 147
  • Serving – 294
  • Procure – 148
  • Appeal – 211

Kyoko is one of your best early-game drink servers that will help you get more tips which will raise the economic level of your restaurant.

Mitchell is a more professional server that is great if you want to have a more professional restaurant but you will not make as much tips as Kyoko.

Mitchell has the following stats:

  • Cooking – 84
  • Serving – 701
  • Procure – 483
  • Appeal – 567

It is safe to say that Mitchell here takes the win in the better employee because he will help you get a more professional restaurant by serving each customer drinks fast and careful.

Silver Rank Employees

When we get to the Silver Rank employees, we can list quite a few of them. In this rank we will learn more about the following employees:

  • Carolina
  • Jandi
  • Liu
  • Charlie
  • Pai
  • Yusuke

Carolina is a mixture between a cook and a server. She isn’t professionalized in any category, however she is great for doing refills and getting tips from servers.

Carolina has the following stats:

  • Cooking – 572
  • Serving – 220
  • Procure – 330
  • Appeal – 132

Jandi is the same deal as Carolina. She is also professionalized in refilling wasabi and obtaining tips.

Her stats are slightly lower than Carolina, they are:

  • Cooking – 66
  • Serving – 507
  • Procure – 374
  • Appeal – 441

Liu is a great employee that will help you keep your restaurant clean and help out your other employees by serving food.

By cleaning up the messy seats in the restaurant, you get to keep it clean and appealing for more customers, which means more money.

The stats that Liu has to provide are:

  • Cooking – 243
  • Serving – 270
  • Procure – 220
  • Appeal – 199

Charlie is by far the best silver-ranked employee when it comes to the kitchen.

Charlie is great for prepping ingredients in the kitchen as well as cooking. This is your best combo if you want to have a great employee inside your kitchen to make sure that the food come out in time.

The stats that Charlie provides are:

  • Cooking – 1573
  • Serving – 318
  • Procure – 778
  • Appeal – 135

Pai is a great balanced employee that is good for either cooking or serving. He is good for both spots. We suggest you keep this one on those days whenever some other employees need days off.

The stats that Pai has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 536
  • Serving – 490
  • Procure – 440
  • Appeal – 398

Yusuke is another great example for having the best employee in the kitchen. He is great for prepping ingredients and cooking.

Yusuke has the following stats to offer:

  • Cooking – 1151
  • Serving – 220
  • Procure – 529
  • Appeal – 88

And those are all the silver-ranked employees. From all of them, it is safe to say that the best employees to use in this rank are Charlie Liu and, Yusuke.

Gold Rank Employees

There is only one gold-ranked employee.

His name is James and he is another great cook and ingredient prepping master.

However, he is a gold-ranked employee, some of the silver-ranked employees can outperform this employee and be better than him.

James has the following stats to offer:

  • Cooking – 908
  • Serving – 330
  • Procure – 505
  • Appeal – 198

It is not very important to rush for this employee as you have other silver-ranked employees that will have the same performance as this one.

Platinum Rank Employees

In the platinum rank we have two unique employees, they are Billy and Tohoku.

Billy is a great tip master as well as a cleaning master. He will make sure to serve a couple of orders as well as keep your place tidy to make sure that more customers will come and buy from you.

His tip-master trait allows him to get more tips and increase the economy.

The stats Billy has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 308
  • Serving – 616
  • Procure – 310
  • Appeal – 442

Tohoku can be the master chef in your team. He is a master at cooking and will help you create specialties in the kitchen.

The stats that Tohoku has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 1294
  • Serving – 440
  • Procure – 660
  • Appeal – 264

It is a must that you get Tohoku as the main cook in your team.

Diamond Rank Employees

And the final three diamond-ranked employees are:

  • El Nino
  • Yone
  • Maki

El Nino is a great employee that will help you serve orders, especially drinks and clean your restaurant neatly.

The stats that El Nino has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 132
  • Serving – 1033
  • Procure – 769
  • Appeal – 901

Yone is a great assistant chef and will help you cook great dishes and prepare different ingredients.

The stats that Yone has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 1752
  • Serving – 330
  • Procure – 794
  • Appeal – 132

Maki is an employee that knows only how to cook and nothing else. You could use Maki in different scenarios whenever you are missing a cook.

The stats that Maki has to offer are:

  • Cooking – 1100
  • Serving – 23
  • Procure – 10
  • Appeal – 10

Out of these three employees, the best one to choose here is El Nino. This employee will help you fix up your restaurant greatly.

And there you have it. Those are all the employees, their abilities, stats and if they are good or not for your restaurant in Dave the Diver.