Dark Cloud Weapon Guide: How To Level Up Weapons

June 8, 2023
Learn how to level up your weapons in Dark Cloud!

Fighting monsters and exploring different dungeons can take a toll on your character in Dark Cloud. As you prepare yourself for battle against the Dark Genie, you will need higher-level weapons and gear by getting more absorption points.

This guide will tell you how to level up your weapons in Dark Cloud.

How To Level Up Weapons

To level up your weapons, you will need to defeat a certain number of characters with them and this will give you absorption points in return. Once you attain a specific amount of points, you will be able to upgrade them and increase their level.

In order to upgrade your weakest weapon, you will need to use a special trick. First, equip the most powerful weapon in your inventory and then defeat an enemy nearby. Now make sure to switch to the weaker weapon before the corpse disappears and the absorption points that you receive will be transferred to the weaker weapon.

This only works if you deliver the killing blow to the enemy using the weapon that you just switched to. For example, you cannot get the killing blow on Tone and then switch to Ungaga for the absorption points. You will need to get the final blow on the weapon that you wish to level up.

If you are not quick enough then the absorption points will be transferred to the original weapon. While this might look like a bit of a hassle, it is the only reliable way to quickly level up your weaker weapons.

Another method of levelling up your weapons is taking any Synth Orb and adding it to the weapon that you wish to level up. Before you level up the weapon, remove the Synth Orb and equip all your attachments. Put it back in after the weapon is levelled up.

The purpose is to use the Synth Orb temporarily by swapping weapons to level them up or changing attachments on the same weapon. It is a boost that will enhance the powers of your weapon for a short duration so you make it stronger.

This trick works for all characters and you just need to make sure that you switch to another character after delivering the killing blow otherwise the absorption points won’t be transferred.

The character that you wish to level up needs to strike the killing blow. It is recommended that you don’t perform a large chain attack otherwise your character will be stuck in the animation sequence and won’t be able to switch to another weapon.

That’s it, now go ahead and use these tricks to level up your character quickly!