Dark And Darker: How To Extract Through The Portal Guide

Dark and Darker is a fantasy first-person dungeon exploration game where you can head into different dungeons in search of loot with your friends to collect exotic items and treasures. It is similar to other games such as Escape from Tarkov and Cycle Frontiers but is set in medieval times.

After finding your loot, it is important to extract it so you don’t get killed by other devious treasure hunters and sell your precious finds to earn some profit.

This guide will tell you how to extract through the portal in the game.

How To Extract Through The Portal Guide – Dark And Darker

Extraction in Dark and Darker is pretty different from other games such as Division 2 or Escape from Tarkov as there are no specified extraction zones or points where you can take your loot and wait.

Instead, there are numerous portals with different colors that will randomly spawn on the map.

To activate these portals, you will need to use the blue headstone by finding and interacting with them by pressing F on your keyboard. Interacting with the blue headstones will reveal the portal around you and you can then simply walk through them to take your precious loot along with you.

Usually, these portals won’t be available at the start of the match and their location will completely random so your aim should be to gather as much loot as possible and survive till one of these portals opens up. A message will appear on the right corner of your screen informing you about the location of the blue headstone on the map.

During the later stages of the match, more headstones will appear and the zone will start shrinking similar to other battle royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite. You will need to stay out of the shrinking zone if you wish to survive.

Similar to blue headstones, you will also come across red headstones which function differently than blue ones. Activating these red headstones will open up a portal that will take you deeper into the dungeon so you access newer locations in search of better loot.

Once you step into the white portal, your character will be automatically extracted out of the dungeon along with the loot that you have collected and then you will be able to either equip or sell that loot to earn some profit.

That’s it, now go ahead and use the portals in Dark and Darker to extract your precious loot!