Dark And Darker: How To Eliminate Ghost King

November 2, 2022
Time to see how to eliminate Ghost King in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is a great multiplayer RPG where you get to get along together with your friends, complete missions and defeat bosses all around the map. During your time, your character here will get upgraded as he completes missions and become stronger.

This guide will show you how to eliminate Ghost King

How To Eliminate Ghost King

The first mechanic that you need to do is kill both the lava monsters that come from the sides of the dungeon. You can’t miss them as they have orange bubbles around them.

The best classes that you can use for this dungeon is:

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Cleric

Each ranged fighter will focus on 1 lava monster and defeat it quickly. The warrior will keep his eyes on the ghost king. The Ghost King will apply stacks that damage and slow the target.

The cleric here needs to buff that de-buffed player and keep them alive.

When the targets are slowed, the Ghost King will jump around and deal a bunch of damage which you need to try to avoid somehow. Make sure that the cleric is focused on healing and buffing at all times.

His last mechanic is a root. The Ghost King will root you and try to deal damage. The only way for surviving this fight is by simply healing the rooted player as much as possible.