Dark And Darker: Golden Key Guide

 Dark and Darker is a great multiplayer RPG where you get to get along together with your friends, complete missions and defeat bosses all around the map. During your time, your character here will get upgraded as he completes missions and become stronger.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Golden Key in Dark and Darker.

Golden Key Guide

The Golden Key is a key which will allow you to access the Golden Door that holds various treasures and possibilities on the way.

The key is available only on the B-2 map currently. That is where you can use it to open the golden door. A rather interesting part about this key is that it can be taken away from you if you get killed, a great way to protect the key and secure your treasure is to get a group of friends to protect you whilst you are on your way for the real rewards.

The Golden Key can be obtained by defeating various mobs in the B-2 map. The chances of it dropping are slightly low and you need to be consistent if you want to get it.

Once you are through the golden door, try to have a lot of gold pouches with you as they can help you get a ton of gold, up to 50. There you will also find jewelry and epic grade equipment that can allow you to make thousands of gold.

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