Dark And Darker: Best Settings Guide

Wondering how to get the most FPS out of the online multiplayer RPG dungeon-crawler Dark and Darker? Then you have come to the right place! Below is a simple guide on which of the game’s settings you may want to tweak to get your game performing at its very best. Doing this gave us as much as 30FPS, so there is little to no reason for you not to try it out as well.

Without further ado, here are the best settings we could find in Dark and Darker to get the most FPS.

Best Settings Guide

First of all, remember that these are subjective. What works for us may not necessarily work for you – it entirely boils down to player preference.

That being said, following this settings guide will undoubtedly raise your FPS count in the game. Let us proceed.

On the game’s options menu, there are four subsets where you can tweak several settings to your preference. They are General, Audio, Video, and Inputs.

For three of them, particularly General, Audio, and Inputs, it’s entirely up to you how you want them to turn out. This involves mouse sensitivity, music volume, and key mapping.

These settings would not have any effect on how your game performs, what it affects is how you do with the game itself. Feel free to adjust as many settings as you want there.

Now we go to the Video settings. This is what would affect your game’s performance.

Generally speaking, if you want to have a higher FPS, you shouldn’t mind lowering your graphical settings – the same is true with Dark and Darker.

To get the most FPS out of this game, you may want to turn Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing Quality down. Texture Quality and Visual Effects Quality, on the other hand, can be left at high or medium settings. Leave Rendering Scale to 100.

Next is the Display Mode. We recommend you play in either Windowed Full Screen or Full Screen. While the latter may give you more FPS, the former enables you to tab in and out of the game more efficiently, saying that you want to do just that.

Needless to say, you would want to adjust the Screen Resolution to fit your monitor.

You may also want to turn the Max Frame Limit to just about 200 to not stress your GPU that much. Then finally, Screen Brightness. This, again, is entirely preferential. Adjust it as much as you want.

There we have it! Doing these changes on your game’s settings is a surefire way to increase its FPS output. Try them out now and believe us, it changes the game for the better.