Dark And Darker: All Classes | Class Info

November 2, 2022
Pick your class to explore the dungeons of Dark and Darker!

Dark and Darker is a grueling dungeon crawling game where players band together to defeat computer controlled monsters and other teams of treasure hunting players. Players can scour dungeons in teams of three, composed of different classes.

The game has 6 classes that players can choose from ranging from brawny warriors to powerful mages. Read the guide below to see what class feels right for you!

All Classes | Class Info


Wizards are powerful spellcasters that use the elements to vanquish the foes before them. They use spellbooks and a staff to focus the magic for their spells. This is a great class if you want to be a glass cannon that incinerates your enemies.

The caveat to Wizards is that they are slow and frail making them not ideal for the front lines.


The Rogue is adept at silently navigating the halls of the dungeon, catching foes unaware and disarming traps or opening locks. If you enjoy a mobile class that’s lethal with daggers and acts like the scout of a party, then the Rogue is for you.

To compensate for their great utility, Rogues have low health and are very vulnerable to magic damage.


Rangers are survivalists that are quick with their hands. Somewhat of a PvP oriented class, Rangers can track down other players and lay down traps. They are also proficient with any ranged weapon.

The only downside to Rangers is that they are unable to equip most melee weapons and, even if they do, they deal minimal damage with them.


Clerics are faithful soldiers who use their holy powers for both healing allies and smiting the undead. This is a class for people who enjoy taking on support roles with their healing and protective spells.

Being more oriented with support, Clerics don’t deal as much damage to other enemies if they’re not undead and are slower in comparison to other classes.


A Fighter is a balanced class that does well in all kinds of areas. They are capable of using any weapon effectively and have the ability to sprint. This is a good class for beginners to try out and experience the game with.

Sadly, the Fighter is unable to cast any spells and is heavily dependent on their equipment to be effective.


The Berserker is probably the tankiest class in the game. Their proficiency with heavy duty weapons make them hit really hard and have comparable damage to Wizards. Aside from having extreme health, they also have magic resistance making them ideal vanguards for your party.

In return for all of these advantages, the Berserker is very slow in moving, attacking and interacting. So it’s not the ideal pick for players with a fast paced playstyle.

And those are all the classes in Dark and Darker, hopefully this guide has helped you choose which class is the best fit for you!