Cyberpunk: New Unlimited XP Glitch

Cyberpunk 2077 has improved a lot since its disastrous launch 2 years ago and has received a lot of praise from fans and critics alike with the new Edgerunners update. Whether you are playing as Corpo, Street Kid or Nomad, you will need plenty of XP to level up your character and unlock the best stuff available in Night City.

However, in the early parts of the game, you won’t be getting a lot of XP and getting more XP will allow your character to improve attributes such as health, stamina, magic etc. This is where the new Infinite Glitch XP can come in handy and help you reach level 50 quickly.

New Unlimited XP Glitch – Cyberpunk

Getting more XP in Cyberpunk is important to upgrade the level of your character and receive attribute points which can be used to upgrade stats like Reflexes, intelligence, Body etc. You will also receive Perk Points by doing different things around Night City.

While completing main story missions and side quests is one way to earn a lot of XP, you will also get XP points for exploring the open world and killing enemies that you come across.

With this new exploit, you can earn unlimited XP by simply killing a bunch of enemies at this specific location. First, you need to head over to the Batty’s Hotel fast travel waypoint on the map.

Once you reach there, walk across to access the road and call in your vehicle to enter it.

Drive straight on the road on your right and then turn right into the parking area on the right.

Head towards the left and then go down the staircase. Turn left and then access then go down the staircase on your right.

You will soon reach the area with the pool where you need to drive straight and then go down another set of stairs.

Get out of your vehicle and jump over the wall to cross the road. Climb the tin rooftop and drop down onto the beach.

Head into the corner on your right where you will find a bunch of enemies. Toss a grenade to kill them quickly and proceed further towards the left.

In the next corner, you will find another group of enemies standing guard and you will be able to kill them quickly with a grenade. If you are low level then you might need to toss a bunch of grenades to kill those enemies.

Proceed further towards the left to find more enemies and kill them quickly with a grenade. Go from the right towards the left and kill the enemies in the middle at last. This is to prevent the NPCs from running away and calling the police on you.

Once you kill the last enemy, head over to the area where you took out the first group of enemies to enter one of the vehicles present there. Drive forward towards the pier and then turn around after a while. This will force the game to respawn the enemies so you repeat the entire process and earn unlimited XP.

Repeat this process 3-4 times and you will find that your character has levelled up significantly as you will receive 1820-2000 XP for your efforts.

That’s it, now go ahead and use this trick to earn unlimited XP in Cyberpunk 2077!