Cyberpunk: Money Making Guide

October 7, 2022
Check out this guide to learn how you can make some extra money in Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is a great game that has similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series. In this game you earn money to purchase different vehicles, weapons, utilities and even purchase buildings. Making money for most people is needed as you would need it to progress through the game easier.

This guide will show you the best way to make money in Cyberpunk.

Money Making Guide – Cyberpunk

With the newest 1.6 update for Cyberpunk, a lot of stuff has been changed, including prices and some new methods have been found to increase your money.

The old way in Cyberpunk to earn money is to basically loot everything you see on the ground and sell it.

One of the best ways to earn a ton of money in the 1.6 update in cyberpunk is by crafting.

Try to upgrade your Technical Ability skill to at least 18 points and make sure to get the Let there be Light passive skill which will reduce the component cost for upgrading items.

Like this, you are going to be able to purchase craftable materials from vendors and create high-quality weapons that are worth more than the materials.

Simply said, you would place your money in a circular motion where you make weapons and sell them. Money will be spent for materials, but more money will be made once you sell a weapon.

The HJKE-11 YUKIMURA is by far the most profitable weapon that you can learn to craft and level up. You’d also get a good price from any vendor if you want to sell the item.

And let’s not forget that you will be leveling your leveling skill overtime as you continue to craft more and more items.

You just need to sacrifice some time and points for extra money. After that time has passed, money will rain.