Cyberpunk: Hidden Features Guide

Cyberpunk is a great game that has similarities to the Grand Theft Auto series. In this game, you earn money to purchase different vehicles, weapons, utilities, and even purchase buildings. Making money for most people is needed as you would need it to progress through the game easier.

This guide will show you some of the hidden features of the newest update in Cyberpunk.

Hidden Features Guide – Cyberpunk

Respect, Mikoshi, Race Against Time

What this game hasn’t presented at the beginning is the meaning of these three features in which you can find different pros which will help you make your character stronger at the time of progress.

All of them offer different types of support during the play.

The first one will help you to successfully accomplish different main and side missions and meet the various factions as well. Even if you don’t get to fill this up to 100% you will be able to use the advantages that this item has to offer.

If you want to keep your connection with Johnny Silverhand then the second item is the one that will help you. And it doesn’t only affect the connection and both main and side missions, this item affects the decisions you make with him.

And the last one of these items is connected with the function of the chip you have in your head and is the way to protect yourself.

Difficulty Impact

The difficulty item mostly affects the amount of loot you receive and Ai’s behavior.

Did you notice that this item can increase your enemy’s health against you as well? Yes, it’s good to know this so you can decide which weapon to use that will cover your flaws in situations like this.

So if you are trying to change the difficulty you better watch how that will impact your gameplay.

Weapons Backgrounds

When you’ve filled your shelves with plenty of weapons then you must know this. If you have blue background then your weapon is equipped, and if you see an orange background then your weapon is iconic.

In my opinion, you should get more of the iconic weapons and don’t trade them because once you do that you can never have them back, and believe they are so useful in those boss battles.

So it’s better if you upgrade them and after 24 hours you’ll see what an upgraded weapon can do. These upgrade doesn’t work on the ripper dock and it’s better for you to keep them out of it.

When it comes to these items you may want to know that these items have higher tier items on them, and in the menu is a list of how they are made and what they carry in.


Sometimes it’s better not to take this chance because it will automatically disassemble all the inventory junk and this can be a big loss because there are items in the game that are worth more than 750 eddies a pop.

It’s more worth selling them than using the trade or upgrade option.

Weapon And Item Storage

Despite the viachle stash, you may use the garage stash or even the shelves in your apartment.

However the use of the vehicle back storage it’s very important because it’s transportable and you can get the way you need at any moment.

Feed The Cat

If you go into the leaved area and find some of the metal barrels you’ll see that there will appear,, feed the cat’’ as an option.

So if you have cat food in your storage here is the place you should put it and if you want to get some then you must visit the arasaka industrial complex using the fast travel.

The other day you’ll see the pet eating the food from the bowl.

Dead VS Downed Enemies

Once you beat the enemy and use the scan option you will see that they may still have a bounty.

Sometimes even if you shot some of your opponents they may still be alive and to detect them you must use your corsair and if it turns red that means you need to finish them.

This will help you gain your reward list and upgrade your character.

Mentis Blades

Most of the players are familiar with this item and it’s good to know that you can find them in the cyber psycho sighting once you enter the city center.

You just need to appear there and search for the wooden box with the mentis blades and if you’re quiet you won’t need to face the enemies.

Mono Wire

It will be located here on the map:

Once you’re there go by the pharmacy and inside the building will be a hidden garage with different items.

It’s pretty cool how you can start the game with this item and the use of it will for sure benefit you.

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