Cyberpunk 2077:  How To Fix Crashing, Freezing, Lagging

September 14, 2022
Get your game working and explore Night City!

Cyberpunk 2077 was initially a big disappointment and has been notorious for the large amount of glitches and bugs it had when it launched. Players saw flying cars, tiny trees and buggy textures. But over time, the game has improved as the developers released patch after patch of fixes. Now players can enjoy some proper Cyberpunk gameplay. Some might still experience an on bug or performance issue now and then, but it is no longer as common.

If you’re still experiencing some problems, then here’s a guide that might be able to help!

How To Fix Crashing, Freezing, Lagging in Cyberpunk 2077

Bugs are sometimes funny, but when they start crashing your game or affecting performance then it ruins the experience for players. 

Updating your drivers

While it may seem obvious and repetitive, check if your drivers are up to date. The reason people keep suggesting updating your drivers as the first step is because it’s a great fix that solves most problems.

The problems may originate from different parts of your PC and updating your drivers is a great general fix.

Closing background apps

Some background apps may increase the load that your CPU is getting.

Try closing some of them and see if that improves your game’s performance.

Verify the game’s files

Perhaps a file got corrupted during the download or there was an incompatibility that wasn’t properly dealt with.

Verifying your game’s files can let you diagnose if the problem is coming from the game or your PC.

Lower your game’s graphic settings

While everyone enjoys a better looking game, if it comes at the cost of performance then maybe you should sacrifice some of the graphics for a better gameplay experience.

Hopefully this guide was able to fix some of the problems you’re experiencing. Now you can continue playing Cyberpunk 2077!