Cult Of The Lamb: Defeat All 4 Bosses With No Damage! Order, Sate, Cure, Peace Trophy Guide

September 4, 2022
Here you can learn how to Defeat All 4 Bosses With No Damage in Cult Of The Lamb!

Cult of the Lamb is an amazing action-adventure game where you are a lamb and your mission is to free your master by going through bloody crusades and defeating various enemies. As you progress in the game, you will have to defeat a few bosses who might be a good challenge for you. To be even more fun, you can now defeat all 4 bosses without taking any damage only if you know how.

This guide will show you how to Defeat All 4 Bosses With No Damage in Cult Of The Lamb.

Defeat All 4 Bosses With No Damage! Order, Sate, Cure, Peace Trophy Guide in Cult Of The Lamb

First of all, you want to head over to the shrine, and make sure you have the Golden Fleece unlocked.

You will get this Golden Fleece by just playing the game. After you complete few side quests you will be able to unlock it.

When you get this Fleece, you damage dealt increases after each kill, but resets when hit. You will take double damage, but you will do more damage over time which is really good against the bosses.

Now that you have equipped your golden fleece, you can visually see it in the game in the top left corner that your damage stacks.

Also, don’t forget about the Tarot Cards. You have to pick Master of the Art, overall weapon damage increased by 1.2% which will help a lot when you go against the bosses.

There are some glitches or some sort of mechanic within the game where you can see in the battlegrounds some creatures are not moving.

You can just get your hammer and keep hitting it just to the side of it and your damage buff will keep going up in the top left corner.

This will help you also when you against the bosses. You can try the same in your game, just go closer to it and kill it.

If you can stack your damage more, when you come to the first boss, you will need only few hits to kill him.

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That how easy it is with only a few hits to defeat a boss. Don’t need to waste your time at the start of the game trying to roll around and make sure to dodge everything when you can just do this technique.

After defeating first boss with no damage, you will earn the Order Trophy for no damage taken.

Only the second boss can be a bit struggle, but all you need to do is just to make sure you miss his tongue attack and you should be fine.

With the same technique and few stacks on your damage, you can easily defeat it in two to three hits.

After defeating the second boss, you will earn the Sate Trophy for no damage taken.

The third boss is even easier than the second one because his attack is much easier to avoid and you can easily hit him only a few times to defeat him.

After defeating him with no damage, you will earn a Cure trophy for no damage taken.

The fourth boss can be a little bit of an issue. He does actually get a few attacks off. It might get a few tries before you defeat him without taking damage, but never stop trying.

He is throwing a lot of bombs on the ground which means you have to move quickly around to avoid the explosions.  Also, his fire balls are moving slowly and you can dodge them pretty easily.

After defeating the last boss, you will earn the Peace Trophy for taking no damage.