CS:GO – How To Get Souvenir Packages? Find Out!

May 9, 2023
Learn how to obtain Souvenir Packages in CS:GO!

With the CS: GO Paris Major 2023 just around the corner, many players are looking forward to getting their hands on souvenir packages ahead of the tournament. These packages serve as memorabilia for professional players who participate in the Major and give a sense of participation to other players supporting their favourite team.

This guide will tell you how to obtain Souvenir Packages in CS: GO.

CS:GO – how to get souvenir packages? Find Out!

Souvenir Packages are limited edition containers that often include a high-quality Souvenir skin that players can only receive during an ongoing CS: GO Major that is sponsored by Valve. The good thing about these containers is that you don’t require a key to open them so you don’t need to spend any extra money.

In order to get these packages, you will need to purchase a Viewer Pass which will make you eligible to complete challenges available during an ongoing CS: GO Major. The Viewer Pass will give you access to Souvenir Packages as well as challenges and other flairs available during  the event.

It is available in two variants: the basic and premium both of which grant you access to all features with the premium one providing three Souvenir Tokens to give you a headstart.

By completing the coin challenges, you will be able to earn and upgrade your Event Coins available exclusively during the Major. There are mainly three types of community favourite Pick’Em Challenges which include Challengers, Legends and Champions.

These coins can be redeemed in exchange for Souvenir Packages and each package costs one token each. Do note that you can claim these packages from a match that has taken place during an ongoing tournament such as Paris Major.

The skin that you will receive will be based on the map collection that the skin comes from while the stickers are mostly derived from the participants of the match.

Souvenir Packages do not drop randomly and are only received when you upgrade your Event Coin or purchase a Souvenir Package redemption. These Event Coins can be upgraded thrice from Bronze to Silver, Silver to Gold and from Gold to Diamond during a Major.

After upgrading your coin, head over to your CS: GO inventory and click on View Coin Challenges, here you will be able to check a list of matches and then press the Redeem Souvenir button to redeem these packages from completed matches.

That’s it, now go ahead and redeem your Events Coins for some exciting Souvenir Packages!

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