CS:GO – How Many Cases Are Opened Per Month?

The month of March 2023 has been perhaps the most exciting for CS: GO players with the reveal of the highly anticipated successor Counter Strike 2. In another surprise, it was also the month when players of the popular first-person shooter opened the most number of cases set a new record for the highest amount of cases opened in a single month.

This article will tell you about the number of cases opened by CS GO players every month.

How many cases are opened per month?

According to the database collecting website CS: GO Case Tracker, players opened a whopping 39.5 million cases in the month of March 2023. Based on the relative cost of a single case, it translates to over $100 million spent on cosmetics in just a single month.

This is a huge boost from the previous highest record achieved in the month of February which saw players opening 27.7 million cases. Every case purchased also requires a key to open it which costs $2.50 with the cases themselves being available at varying prices.

Below we can take a look at the number of cases opened each month starting from January 2022:

Cases opened by CS: GO players in 2022 & 2023
MonthNumber of cases opened
January 202222.3 million
February 202221.9 million
March 202226.2 million
April 202223.8 million
May 202223.3 million
June 202219.9 million
July 202224.3 million
August 202225.0 million
September 202223.8 million
October 202219.5 million
November 202218.9 million
December 202219.5 million
January 202321.6 million
February 202327.7 million
March 202339.5 million

We can draw an inference from the above table, that on average about 20 million cases are opened every month and it is a huge number in itself. On average, players open about 714 thousand cases daily according to calculations made by Redditor Fjedik and Youtuber Anomaly.

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He also mentioned that Valve earns around $54 million on average from cases per month. This isn’t surprising as the developer confirmed that players will be able to transfer their entire CS: GO inventory into its successor Counter Strike 2.

This number is only expected to go up as the launch date and hype of the upcoming title becomes louder closer to its release. It would be interesting to see whether April 2023 sets a new record for the number of cases opened.

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