CS:GO – Dust II Best Smokes For T Side

March 15, 2023
Check out this guide to learn the best Dust II Smokes for T Side.

CS:GO is known for its intense gameplay, tactical team-based strategy, and high skill ceiling, making it a favorite among both casual and professional gamers. The game features various game modes, including competitive, casual, and deathmatch, and has a thriving esports scene with numerous professional tournaments and leagues held worldwide.

This guide will show you the best Dust II smoke locations for T Side.

Dust II Best Smokes For T Side

In total, you have 5 very good T Side smoke locations in CS go. This is where you can find them exactly and where you need to aim.

First Smoke Location

The first smoke location is at the terrorist spawn point. From the marked area of the map, you want to get to the corner. Aim towards the building shown on the image and follow the line until you get just a few inches above the highest point of the building.

Once there, you want to jump and throw the smoke in the air and it will land exactly on top of the box where the wooden door is.

Second Smoke Location

Get to the B tunnels area and go to the corner where the image shows you. Do not get on top of the wooden boxes, make sure you stand right next to them.

Aim just a left from the light exactly where the cursor is and you will land the bomb on top of the crate perfectly. Blocking the vision for your opponents.

Third Smoke Location

This smoke location will smoke the doors at B site which is perfect for blocking vision from T site.

To get this smoke, you will need to be located at the Upper Tunnel at B site, get to the corner where it’s shown and throw the bomb exactly where the image shows you.

Fourth Smoke Location

This next smoke location will block the “Goose” area at the A bomb site. To land this smoke, you want to get to middle and go to the corner shown on the map.

From there, try aiming your bomb toward the small window in the orange building and jump as you throw the bomb.

Fifth Smoke Location

The fifth and final smoke location is slightly tricky. You want to get to the exit of the lower B tunnels that lead towards middle. At the very passage of the exit, you will see 2 stairs. Stand on the upper stair and line up with the white dot on the ground.

Once you are lined up there, look up and aim towards the roof. Align yourself right with the rooftop and make sure you go high enough where the first line from the cable can be seen. (Image shows exact aiming spot)

Once the aim is set up, jump and toss the grenade to block long fully for both counter-terrorists and terrorists.

And there you have it. Those are the best T side smoke locations that you can use in CS:GO.

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