CS:GO – 5 Sticker Capsules To Invest In

April 28, 2023
Invest in these sticker capsules for the best returns!

Stickers are a great way to customise your Counter Strike Global Offensive weapons. There are hundreds of stickers available on the marketplace that will add some flair to your guns and make them stand apart from the crowd.

Many players also purchase sticker capsules as a way to earn some profit and invest their money instead of simply using them to customise their weapons.

This guide will tell you about 5 sticker capsules worth investing in CS: GO.

5 Sticker Capsules To Invest In

Stickers capsules are some of the most safest and financially sound investments that you can make in CS: GO. These capsules are also deflation-proof since no new capsules get added until a new Major is over.

There is also a gambling aspect which attracts potential buyers to these stickers since everyone isn’t interested in purchasing them from an investment perspective. The total number in circulation is capped which means Valve can regulate them by adding new stickers to the market.

1. Community Sticker Capsule 1- $7.70

This sticker capsule launched way back in 2014 and contains stickers created by members of the community. These are funny stickers that include memes or references to the CS: GO community.

There are 5 stickers available in the capsule and in case you manage to get lucky by obtaining the flammable sticker then you sell it for a whopping $100.Available at a starting price of $7.70, this sticker capsule is absolutely worth the money however do note that you will need to purchase a Community Capsule 1 key separately to open it.

2. Stockholm 2021 Challenger Capsule -$10.36

This sticker capsule was launched to celebrate the 2021 PGL Stockholm CS: GO Championship can contain a single sticker which can be either High Grade, Holo, Foil or Gold.

This base-grade sticker capsule features 9 stickers based on the participants of the Stockholm major and can be obtained for starting price of $10.36 which makes puts it a bit on the expensive side.

3. Antwerp 2022 Contenders Sticker Capsule-$1.34

The Antwerp Contender Capsule was released in May 2022 with the Rise and Shine update. It contains 9 stickers based on the contenders of Antwerp Major.

This highly popular sticker capsule is rather cheap to invest in and can be obtained at a mere price of $1.34 with some rare hollows that can look really cool.

4. Rio 2022 Contenders Sticker Capsule

The Rio 2022 Contenders capsule was released in October 2022 during the “Long Road to Rio” update to commemorate the contenders of the IEM Rio 2022 CS: GO Championship.

It contains 9 stickers based on different teams including Paper, Glitter, Holo or Gold ones. This cheap sticker capsule can be obtained for a mere price of $0.85 which makes it a steal deal gave its popularity and high trade volumes.

5. Espionage Sticker Capsule

The Espionage Sticker capsule is a community-made capsule that was recently released in February 2023. It contains a total of 21 stickers which include 12 paper ones,4 holo ones, 2 glitter ones and 3 foil ones.

This cheap capsule does not require a key to unlock and was released during the “Case, Capsule, Kit, Oh My!” update. If you are interested then you can purchase it from the marketplace for a price of $1.

That’s it, these are all the sticker capsules worth investing in CS: GO in 2023!

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