Creepshow: Jordy Verrill (Flocked) Funko Pop [NEW]

August 5, 2023
Check out this new Jory Verill Funko Pop from the Creepshow anthropology!

Fans of the CreepShow movie will be familiar with the character Jordy Verill, a character played by Stephen who transformed into a horrifying creature in the movie. Funko Pop has now released a bobblehead based on the character for fans of the horror movie.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Jordy Verill Funko Pop

Jordy Verrill (Flocked) Funko Pop [NEW]

Jordy Verill was a memorable character in the short story “Lonesome Death of Jordy Verille” featured in the 1982 movie CreepShow.The Funko Pop showcases the terrifying transformation as he meets his tragic end.

In the movie, Stephen King discovers a recently crashed meteorite at his farm and decides to sell it to the local university to repay his bank loan. Unfortunately, he gets exposed to toxic gas as soon as he touches the rock and a thick coat of green vegetation starts growing over his entire body.

Over the course of the next few days, Jordy Verill tries to do everything to remove it from his body and even tries bathing but it only accelerates the growth of the green vegetation. Afraid of his transformation, Jordy takes his own life with a shotgun giving a tragic end to his character.

After his death, the greenery spreads all over Castle Rock County with thick vegetation growing all over his land and beyond. The story is the perfect blend of tragedy and horror as one can relate to the helplessness shown by the character in the movie.

The Funkopop bobblehead featuring Jordy Verill tries to recapture his transformation with exquisite attention to detail. It accurately depicts the shock and fear on Jordy’s face as he tries to stop the green vegetation from covering his entire body making it the perfect collectible for fans of horror anthropology.

This 4-inch tall figurine is currently available for pre-orders with deliveries starting from 27th September. The last date to pre-order is August 14th and you can add it to your collection for a price of $11.99.


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