Cosmoteer: Ultimate Beginners Guide

October 26, 2022
Check out this guide to know everything about the basics of Cosmoteer!

Cosmoteer is a spaceship simulator where you can design and create the spaceship of your dreams by building it from scratch. You can manage the crew in your spaceship and take part in epic battles against other players in the galaxy to showcase your firepower. The game can either be played solo or with your friends as you explore outer space by completing contracts to earn loot and upgrade your spaceship further.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started in Cosmoteer.

Ultimate Beginners Guide – Cosmoteer

The first thing that you need to do is select a ship and you will be presented with three choices. The Model C is Cannons which are good for piercing armour or armour themselves that occasionally cause fires in internal rooms.

They are much better at close range than other starting weapons which are usually inaccurate and require storage for the ammo to fire the weapon.

Next is the Model L which stands for Lasers which are very accurate and have a much longer range than cannons however they can only hit one block at a time while requiring renewable energy from the reactor to fire.

The third ship is the Model S which stands for Shields and offers accurate lasers along with a shield generator that projects a 90-degree arc that cannot be penetrated by weapon fire until it goes down.

Talking about energy, every single room which requires energy is visible if it is active and will show much energy it has at a glance. You will also notice a red lightning symbol that appears when they are low on power and a green glowing square that shows the actual source of energy in the room.

For example, the shield has six squares whereas the laser guns have four. Energy is transported by the crew from the reactors to the location where it is needed.

The most important part of your ship which is highly visible is the reactors and the cockpits. If all the cockpits get destroyed in any ship then it is classified as junk or debris.

If you cannot rebuild the cockpit and if it was the last ship then the game will be over. If your enemy has an airlock which is one of the two ways to get more ships then they use the airlock to board another ship and build another cockpit.

To use the airlock, click the menu next to your ship name and select the Transfer Crew option. Choose the target ship and press the Initiate Transfer button to send a single over there.

The other important building is the reactor since you cannot power any energy weapons without it and all your engines as well as your cockpit will power down rendering your ship offline and blind in outer space.

The reactor can also explode and damage things nearby setting things on fire.

You can douse a fire in your ship by using a fire extinguisher and you can access them in Build→Defenses→ Fire Extinguishers. Fires can be very dangerous and can destroy your ships faster than enemy weapons do.

Next is build placement and pressing the build menu will show you all the blocks and rooms that you can construct on the ship.

In career mode, some of them are locked until you obtain the blueprints required to construct them.

Build mode is important and if you hover your mouse over any building that requires a crew then it will draw a line.

This will show you the path towards the nearest crew room, nearest reactor and ammo storage for energy or solid-state weapons.

You should focus on getting a green or a yellow coloured line since red lines mean a lot of travel time which can cause major issues during the combat phase.

Coming to the campaign view, the top right corner will show you the amount of money that you have as well as your reputation. Reputation can be increased by destroying ships and completing missions of an equal or higher tier.

It is capped for each tier with Tier 1 being 40 reputations and once you hit that, completing tier 1 missions will only reward you with resources and credits but not reputation.

You will need a higher reputation to hire more crew however you can turn off this requirement in the Advanced Game options in Settings.

The next element in the campaign view screen are the stations on your left and pressing the blue button above will allow you to hail nearby ships and stations.

It can be used to start missions based on your rank or hire a crew if you have the required space and reputation needed.

You also have a trade where you can sell, buy or salvage loot parts required for your ship. Last but not least is the blueprint sections in the station menu where you can purchase ship part blueprints to unlock them permanently and add new rooms to your ship.

Early in the game, you need to focus on hunting pirates to practice combat, finding asteroids to mine for valuable resources and slowly expanding your ship by adding more rooms.

That’s everything you need to know about the basics in Cosmoteer!