Corrections Policy

As our fellow gamers know, games are being changed, modified, or updated, on a regular basis. For us at RUG, this presents a huge variety of issues, mainly due to the fact that RUG focuses on helping gamers from different kinds of videogame genres.

We try to cover every game that we enjoy playing ourselves, which in turn, are quite a big number of games. Keeping up with the updates of each one of them is difficult to say the least.

Once A Correction Has Been Made

Once something new has been added or changed which directly affects a previously covered topic or subject and RUG is made aware of this change, we do our best efforts to modify and include new information which could be considered helpful to readers.

This new information is added in a way which makes it apparent that it has been added after the fact. Different styles to the usual designs are used, to ensure that the reader is aware that the piece has been modified at some point.

Furthermore, the date of publication changes to the date of editorial modification.

Before Corrections

RUG urges its loyal readers to report any type of inaccurate or out-of-date information, should they come across it. This is extremely helpful to the RUG staff, as its quite difficult to ensure that every research piece is up-to-date.

To report inaccurate or out-of-date information, readers can contact RUG at: