Core Keeper: How To Permanently Increase HP

Published: 23 Mar 2022
A permanent increase on your HP is interesting!

Core Keeper has a bunch of bosses and items that you can collect while playing. Some methods can benefit your character to permanently have more points in a specific category.

This rule applies to the HP bar as well. Consuming a specific item can grant you an extra 50 permanent HP on your character.

How to Permanently Increase HP – Core Keeper

The item that you will need to look for Is an orange crystalized chubby-looking larva. This object can be found in the Stone Biome, The Forgotten Ruins.

Currently, there has only been 1 Amber Larva item found.

To obtain this item, you will need to break the crystal with a pickaxe or by blowing it up. At least use a Scarlet Pickaxe to break the block.

Once you obtain the Amber Larva item in your inventory, hover over with your mouse and it will show you that it increases +50 permanent max health and gives 11 food.

In order to obtain the extra HP, you will want to head back to your base where you cook the Amber Larva.

A quick tip on improving the item to get some more extra buffs, go to the merchant that sells a Golden Larva Meat. This item will give you extra 12 food, +8% critical hit chance for 2 minutes, and +2 life on melee hit for 2 minutes.

Placing both the items inside for cooking will give you, Shiny Amber Pudding, this item gives the following buffs:

  • +31 Food
  • +50 Permanent max health
  • +52 Max Health for 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • +16% critical hit chance for 3 minutes 36 seconds
  • +4 life on melee hit for 3 minutes 36 seconds

With this item consumed, you will permanently get +50 max health and an extra 52 max health for 7 minutes 30 seconds, summing up a total bonus of 102 max health for 7 minutes 30 seconds.

Another quick way to obtain some extra permanent stats, including max HP, is by farming big mushrooms that are located close to the core.