Core Keeper: How to Get Golden Heart Berry

Published: 17 Jun 2022
Time to grow the golden heart berry in Core Keepers!

Core Keeper is a 2D indie game where you need to explore a cavern full of creatures, relics and resources to unravel the mystery of an ancient core. In this guide, we will tell you how to get the golden heart berry in the game.

Core Keeper: How to Get Golden Heart Berry

The Golden Heart Berry is a rare variant of the common heart berry that can offer +9 food and +3.3 health every second for a duration of 20 seconds.

You can harvest it by growing heart berry plants via the heart berry seeds

In order to grow golden trees, open the gardening skill tree and once you have at least 80 points, you will be able to unlock the Expert Gardener skill that increases the chance of transforming normal plants into golden ones.

The first level of the skill will offer you a 3% chance while the highest level will provide you upto a 15% chance.

You can also use items like Farmer’s Hat and Petal Ring to increase your extra harvest chance to 55.4%. Your upgraded gardening skills will also provide you 34.8% extra harvest chance taking the total to 90.3%

Sometimes you will also find these Golden Heart Berries as loot surrounding the normal Heart Berries.

That’s it, now go ahead and grow some Golden Heart Berries in your farm!