Core Keeper: How To Find and Defeat Malugaz the Corrupted

March 23, 2022
Time to find and defeat Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper.

Malugaz the Corrupted is an interesting boss in Core Keeper that there is no story behind him. This secret hidden mini-boss is not mentioned in any lore of the game, you simply just stumble upon him and fight.

This guide will show you how to locate and defeat Malugaz the Corrupted in Core Keeper.

How to find and defeat Malugaz the Corrupted – Core Keeper

Malugaz the Corrupted spawns in the Stone Biome of the map. The map is split into a few Biomes that bosses have created.

The first Biome is separated from the second, from Ghorm the Devourer, which is the big orange circle around the map.

A pretty big decent-sized room is where you will find Malugaz the Corrupted. The room will be randomly spawned in the Stone Biome, right next to the dark-green squares that you will see around his room.

Once you find the boss, you will encounter a bunch of pillars in the room that you will want to destroy. This method will help you move around much better and have more mobility against the boss.

Make sure to use food that will make you glow or place torches around the area so you can see better in the dark. Making more space inside the room will help you get away from Malugaz’s fire waves.

A good item to have for this boss is the Swift Feather. This item will let you dash in the direction where you want. This will help you dash a lot of incoming attacks from the boss.

To spawn the boss, you will firstly need at least 10 Crystal Skull Shards that you will place on top of his spawn area.

Using this item will begin a process where your character charges up and after some time the blue Crystal Skull will pop up in your inventory where you can place it down on the ground and spawn the boss.

Before spawning the boss, it is suggested to be well equipped with buffing potions and decent gear.

Going through his first phase, you will need to bring his health down to 0 where his armor will be removed and you will begin phase 2 of the boss.

This is the phase where he will summon his fire waves and light the ground on fire. Once you kill the boss, a chest will drop down on the ground. The chest will contain at least two purple epic rarity items that you can equip.

You are able to spawn this boss as many times as you want. You will just need to have enough Crystal Skull Shards to create a Crystal Skull in order to spawn the boss.