Coral Island: Where To Find Pine Cone

Coral Island is a vibrant farming sim game that takes clear inspiration from the pioneers of the genre, such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Harvest Moon. This game promises to keep the core elements that made the classic farm games a sensation to play while also aiming to modernize and make the overall experience of playing it more inclusive.

As its genre directly implies, the main objective of farming sim games, such as Coral Island, is to grow the farm you are given at the start of the game as much as you can and thrive with it. And to do just that, you must have seeds to plant. While plantable seeds in Coral Island are primarily found and bought in shops, you can actually get some from chopping down trees. This includes today’s topic, Pine Cones.

In this guide, we will be showing you where to find and how to get Pine Cones on Coral Island.

Where To Find Pine Cone – Coral Island

Pine Cones are fairly common in Coral Island.  As a matter of fact, you can gather dozens of them already just by heading out to your farm.

To get some Pine Cones, equip your axe and head over to the nearest Pine Tree to you. You can see several Pine Trees on your farm itself.

Chop down the Pine Tree you want by clicking on it with your axe equipped.

Soon after the tree goes down, collect all the materials it drops. One of them should be a Pine Cone. Typically, one tree equals one Pine Cone.

Easy does it! Now you know where to collect Pine Cones in Coral Island. Feel free to plant them wherever you want Pine Trees to grow on your farm.