Coral Island: Where To Find Glass

October 12, 2022
Process some Glass in Coral Island!

Coral Island is a long-awaited farming sim game by Stairway Studios. Set in a small quiet island town, Coral Island is clearly taking the reins from games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It has a lot of similarities in gameplay with these games while doing great in distinguishing itself from its predecessors. The game gives you a lot of choices in crafting your own items. However you usually need some base materials for it, such as Glass.

Here’s where to find Glass in Coral Island.

Where To Find Glass – Coral Island

Glass sadly can’t be bought in any shops on Coral Island, but it is still abundant in the area. Glass can be mainly found in Trash Piles.

You can clear these piles with your Scythe and, while not always, every now and again they will drop Glass. There are a lot of piles you can clear at your farming lot, but you may eventually run out of them. However, there are trash piles by the beach that appear everyday if you ever need more.

Also, once you unlock the Furnace, you will be able to process Trash or Sand into Glass. Making the process of obtaining Glass somewhat easier. Glass is an item you need for certain craftable items such as decoration pieces and will become even more useful later on with more advanced recipes unlocked.

And that’s where you find Glass in Coral Island!