Coral Island: Where To Find Fire Agate

October 12, 2022
Know where to look for Fire Agates by following this guide!

Coral Island is a vibrant farming sim game that takes clear inspiration from the pioneers of the genre, such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Harvest Moon. This game promises to keep the core elements that made the classic farm games a sensation to play while also aiming to modernize and make the overall experience of playing it more inclusive.

For games such as Coral Island, you would have to manage tons of resources. Arguably most of the game involves resource management – it leads to you being able to create more tools to grow your farm, create furniture to decorate your home, craft useful items to make the game much easier, and so much more. Resource management is crucial to Coral Island, and it’s best to always keep in mind where you can harvest or collect certain materials.

In this guide, we will be showing you where to find and how to get Fire Agates on Coral Island.

Where To Find Fire Agate – Coral Island

Fire Agates are useful stone materials in the game. It is used as a crafting component for several items, and thankfully, they aren’t that hard to come by. Its description states that it is a kind of quart that has iridescent colors.

To get a Fire Agate, you would first need to make your way to the mines. Keep in mind that enemy creatures are lying about in the mines that you must deal with to comfortably get the resources you want.

In the mines, you’d see several harvestable rocks and minerals. Fire Agates, are particularly found after bashing rocks that have green color in them.

Equip a pickaxe to harvest them. Just click on the rock and your character should start smashing on it. After a few bashes, you should earn Fire Agates.

It is worth noting that Fire Agates aren’t as common as other rocks in this game so as soon as you see a green-colored rock, bash it immediately to get a Fire Agate.

There you have it! Now you know where to look for Fire Agates and how to get them. Just make sure you always have your pickaxe with you.