Coral Island: Treasure Hunt Guide

October 18, 2022
Find the lost treasures of Coral Island!

Coral Island is a new farming sim game brought to us by Stairway Games. It is heavily inspired by games previously lauded by fans such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game has lots of similarities with these games such as giving the player a farm and the tools to do activities such as go catch bugs and go fishing. There are many treasures to be found in Starlet Town. You can donate any you find to the Museum or put them in the Shipping Bin for extra cash.

Here’s how to look for treasure in Coral Island.

Treasure Hunting Guide – Coral Island

At the start of the game you will be given a Hoe to till soil with. You can use it not only on the ground around your farm, but around town as well. Using the Hoe, you can go around town and look for treasure, but this method will be heavily dependent on your luck.

It is highly recommended that you go treasure hunting at the beach as it will provide you with loads of space with minimal obstacles to search through.

Sometimes when tilling soil you will uncover Coffers, either a regular Coffer or an Ornate Coffer.

You can bring these Coffers to the Blacksmith and for a minor fee, they will open it for you. The treasure hidden inside will vary from Trash to Seaweed to Ancient Artifacts. Of course the Ornate Coffer will contain better items than the regular Coffer.

You can do two things with Ancient Artifacts, you can either donate them to the museum or you can sell them for extra money.

You should donate every unique artifact you find to the museum, as it will only accept one of every kind that you find. Afterwards, everything else can be sold as they will have no other use in the game at the moment.