Coral Island: Making Friends Quest Guide

Coral Island is a great relaxing game that many people have been waiting for after a long time of releases lacking the feel of games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Coral Island is set in the quiet idyllic setting of Starlet Town, where the player is given a farming lot to do whatever they wish to do so with. You can also spend time with the people of the community and foster long lasting friendships with them. The player is introduced to a lot of people via one of the first quests in the game “Making Friends”.

Here’s how to complete the “Making Friends” quest in Coral Island!

Making Friends Quest Guide – Coral Island

This one of the first main quests given to the player at the start of the game. Once you’ve been introduced to the wonderful people of Starlet Town, you can start giving them gifts.

Not all items can be gifted however. Tools like the Axe and Fishing Rod cannot be given. Items like crops, bugs, ores and even fish can be gifted to people.

All you have to do is equip the item you want to give and approach the person. A prompt saying “Give gift” will appear. Do note however that every person will have items they love and items they dislike.

The amount of friendship you gain through gifting will heavily depend on this so do your best to research what items are best for which people.

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