Coral Island: How To Make A Scarecrow

October 13, 2022
Prevent those pesky bugs from infesting your crops by making a Scarecrow!

Coral Island is a fun and vibrant farming simulator inspired by Animal Crossing where you can explore an enchanting island and meet and interact with various people living there. You can create your own farm, interact with people, nurture animals, build relationships and collect different resources to expand your farm.

This guide will tell you how to make a Makeshift Scarecrow in the game.

How To Make A Scarecrow – Coral Island

It takes a lot of effort and time to cultivate your crops on a farm and it can be really frustrating when a few bugs destroy your entire crop.

This is where a Makeshift Scarecrow can come in handy as it will prevent those bugs and birds from attacking your crops.

In order to make a scarecrow, you will need a few items and atleast reach level 1 in Farming.

For increasing the level of your farming skills, you can purchase a few seeds and plant them on your farm to earn some XP. Every activity on your farm will help you level up by rewarding you with some amount of XP.

You will need 15 Wood and 10 Trash to craft the Scarecrow. After you have gathered these items, open the Crafting menu and select the Makeshift scarecrow from the list. You will then need to place it in a suitable location on your farm. This will prevent any birds or bugs from infesting your precious crops.

If you wish to move your scarecrow, simply click to interact with it and then place it in another location. Similarly, you can also remove the scarecrow from your farm by destroying it with a sharp object such as an axe or a sword.

That’s it, now go ahead and place a scarecrow on your farm to protect your valuable crops!