Coral Island: How To Get Stone

October 11, 2022
Check out this guide to see how you can get stone in Coral Island.

Coral Island is an amazing adventure game where you spawn on an island filled with various things to do. During your adventures, you will meet up new people and complete various tasks for them. Your job is to become the best, and grow your island to be as productive as possible. Getting stone is one of the most common things that you will do for your island.

This guide will show you how to get stone in Coral Island.

How To Get Stone – Coral Island

To be able to obtain stone, in this game you need to find the mines and have a pickaxe.

Once you’ve obtained a pickaxe, you need to head over to the northwest side of the map where the mine is located. Simply enter the mine and you will see a bunch of stones on the ground which you can mine and obtain stone items from.

Note that some of these stones can open up a different path further down into the mine that has more interesting minerals.

And just like that, you can now quickly and easily mine stone and obtain stone in Coral Island.