Coral Island: How To Get Coffer

October 12, 2022
Find artifacts hidden in those Coffers in Coral Island!

Coral Island is a long-awaited farming sim game by Stairway Studios. Set in a small quiet island town, Coral Island is clearly taking the reins from games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It has a lot of similarities in gameplay with these games while doing great in distinguishing itself from its predecessors. There are a lot of artifacts to be unearthed in Coral Island, most of which can be found in Coffers. But these are very rare and somewhat hard to find.

Here’s how to get Coffers in Coral Island.

How To Get Coffer – Coral Island

Finding Coffers can be a little difficult as they are extremely dependent on your luck. Most times, coffers can be found by hacking away at Trash Piles with your Scythe.

Coffers can also be found by digging the ground with your Hoe, but this method has an extremely low drop chance as compared to the trash piles.

Once you do obtain a Coffer, you can bring it to the Blacksmith’s to open it. It will cost you 20 coins but in exchange you will receive a valuable artifact.

Mainly, these artifacts are for donating it to the Museum’s Collection, however some artifacts can fetch a decent price if you decide to put them in the Shipping Bin.