Coral Island: How To Donate Bugs To Museum

October 12, 2022
Expand the Museum in Coral Island!

Coral Island is a long-awaited farming sim game by Stairway Studios. Set in a small quiet island town, Coral Island is clearly taking the reins from games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It has a lot of similarities in gameplay with these games while doing great in distinguishing itself from its predecessors. One of the things it inherited from the previous games is the feature of collecting bugs. These bugs can be given to the Museum to put them on display.

Here’s how to donate bugs in Coral Island.

How To Donate Bugs To Museum – Coral Island

The Museum can be found at the west side of town, directly to the left of the Town Community Center. It is run by the town’s local heartbreaker, Scott, who at one point will ask the player to help him improve the Museum.

The Museum is an area to display all of the collectibles the player has encountered in the game so far. These collectibles include rocks, artifacts, aquatic life and even bugs!

To donate any of the bugs that you capture, you can approach the Donation Box at the center and interact with it. It will open an inventory where you can put in any bugs you’ve found.

Once you’ve put in one type of bug, you will no longer be able to donate one again as the Museum only requires one donation of each type.