Coral Island: How To Cook Grilled Fish

October 18, 2022
Grill your catch of the day in Coral Island!

Coral Island is a new farming sim game brought to us by Stairway Games. It is heavily inspired by games previously lauded by fans such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. The game has lots of similarities with these games such as giving the player a farm and the tools to do activities such as go catch bugs and go fishing. One neat activity it has is cooking, where you can use the things you’ve grown or caught in dishes for your farmer to eat, such as Grilled Fish.

Here’s how to cook Grilled Fish in Coral Island.

How To Cook Grilled Fish – Coral Island

First you will have to upgrade your house to the point where it will have a Kitchen, otherwise you will have no way to cook food. Next is you will need the “Grill” kitchen appliance.

The grill can be bought at Socket & Pan every now and then, you can check your TV for its availability.

The ingredients for Grilled Fish are any fish that you’ve caught from fishing. So it can be anything from Blue Tang to Frogfish as long as it is a fish.

To cook Grilled Fish, simply interact with your Kitchen and use the Grill with your fish.

After spending 10 energy to cook, you will get your Grilled Fish!

Grilled Fish will restore 240 Health and 170 Energy.