Coral Island: Character Customization Guide

October 12, 2022
Coral Island has one of the best Character Customizations. Check it out!

Coral Island is a farming life-simulator in which players take a role of their own character that can be customized by their own desires. There are a lot of things and activities that you can do in Coral Island and also interact with plenty of romantic characters. At the beginning of the game, you will have a chance to customize your character and choose from the various options that will make it look the most stunning and beautiful.

This guide will show the Character Customization in Coral Island!

Character Customization Guide – Coral Island

In Coral Island, you can basically create and customize your character according to your liking. At the beginning on the game, once you select the Play option and select New Game, you will start directly with the Character Creation screen.

Like many other life-simulator games, it offers a lot of customizations for your character such as Hairstyle, Body Type, Face, Biodata, Outfit and more.

Body Type

Body Type is the first Character customization in which you can select the body type for your character. There are a total of three body types showing on the screen in which you can choose between male or female characters. After that, you can continue customizing the Body mass.

Once you are done with Body mass, under it you will find plenty of skin color options. You can even click the “Customize” button and then you can adjust the color of the skin as you desire.


The face is the second option on the Character Creation screen. Also here, you can choose between plenty of options for the face to create the perfect match for you. You can customize every part of the face including:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Lip
  • Jaw

By clicking on the arrows, you can switch to another style like different color for the eyebrows and eyes, and different look for the nose, lip, and jaw.


In the hairstyle customization, you can choose between the prepared hairstyles from the game, and then select a different hair color.

There are a total of 8 hairstyles, which 4 of them are men’s style with short hair, and the rest 4 are women’s style with longer hair. But no matter the gender of your character, you can choose any hairstyle that you like.

After that you can choose any color that you want for the hair, and if you don’t like the preset ones, then you can click on the “Customize” button and choose the right color for you.


There are total of 8 outfits that you can choose from, and if you are a female then they all will be in a female style, and opposite if you are male, they will be all in a male style.

However, even later in the game, you can still change your outfit depending on your mood and liking.


Biodata is the last category in the character customization, and here you can enter the name for your character, and then all the NPCs Coral Island are going to call you by your name.

Also, you can select your own honorific, and lastly you can enter your farm name.

Once you are done with creating your character, you have to press the “Complete” button and will receive a confirmation message that your character is created.

You have to accept to proceed into the game and start enjoying the journey with your best character.