Construction Simulator 2022: How To Make Money

September 25, 2022
Let’s earn a lot of money and buy your favorite vehicle in Construction Simulator 2022!

In Construction Simulator 2022 you are basically starting from zero, and by doing your job, you can earn money to buy your own vehicles and equipment and open your company. Yes, this sounds amazing, but it is a long earning money process, that could be a bit challenging if you don’t know the right way how to earn money faster in this realistic Construction Simulator 2022.

Keep reading our article and learn How To Make Money in Construction Simulator 2022!

How To Make Money – Construction Simulator 2022

In order to make money in Construction Simulator 2022, you simply need to work on your normal jobs, but there will be some jobs that are going to require a lot of excavating, and typically when you start the game is going to give you tutorials on how to do things.

Even at the start of the game, while you don’t have your own machines, you are able to rent them for a specific amount of cash.

This method is relatively time-consuming, and it could be more efficient if you’re playing multiplayer, but also it might be very useful in a single player and you can earn a lot of money out of this.

You need to make sure that you have the Gravel Plant accessed, so you can unlock fast travel to it. Have the machine dealer and your construction site, then when you are required to dig out a part of the ground at the construction site, as well as having an excavator, go to the machine dealer and rent out a dump truck.

What you are going to do is where you are excavating, park up your dump truck nearby, and when you pick up a load of dirt you can just swing your boom arm around and you can drop the dirt into the back of the dump truck.

Without any upgrades on your skills like your bucket capacity and bulk material capacity, you will be able to do four load every single time.

Once your dump truck is full, if you fast travel to the Gravel Plant, and if you are looking for the loading bay or drop-off bay, it’s a little platform on the ground. What you want to do is drive over to the area and you will want to off-load all of your bulk material onto that platform.

Once you’ve done that, you are going to be given money, because you are basically selling this bulk material instead of just leaving it at the side of your construction site.

With this kind of job, you can easily earn around half a million in a very short period just by simply excavating the dirt into the dump truck instead of the side where you digging or excavating, and you can make around 100.000 as a bonus.

You can make a lot of money this way. There are also a lot of extra money to come from it and money is very important in Construction Simulator because you have repairing, refueling if you are not storing the vehicles in your garage.

Also, you get fast traveling that will give you discounts and stuff as you fast travel more often, but as well as that, the machines are incredibly expensive.

You won’t get only a load of extra money from this, but you will also work towards your goals of progressing through the game and unlocking the bigger company premises.