Construction Simulator 2022: How To Get Fuel And Repair Your Truck

September 20, 2022
Learn how to refuel and repair your truck in Construction Simulator 2022!

Construction Simulator 2022 is a game where you take control of different heavy machines and trucks from over 70 licensed manufacturers such as CATERPILLAR, CASE, BELL, DAF and Doosan among many more. There are over 90 different tasks to complete as you try to expand your construction company and get more clients as well as new jobs to help expand your fleet.

This guide will tell you how to get fuel and repair your truck in the game.

How To Get Fuel And Repair Your Truck – Construction Simulator 2022

While doing different tasks for your company, chances are that your truck might run out of fuel or take some damage so it’s important that you take care of it by performing proper maintenance.

Once your truck is damaged, it will be restricted to a speed of 5km/ hour which is really slow and driving at this speed can take a lot of time if you want to reach your destination quickly

You can check the fuel levels and condition of your truck by inspecting HUD in the bottom right corner. It will have a fuel symbol as well as a repair icon that will tell you about the current condition and fuel levels of the truck.

In order to refuel and repair your truck, you will need to visit a fuel station on the map. To refuel your truck, park your truck in the holding area of the gas pump and then hold T to refuel your truck.

The process will end automatically once the fuel inside the truck tank gets full. Some company extensions will allow you to refuel at their premises at a cheaper cost.

For the repairing process, park your truck in the holding area in front of the fuel pump. Hold R on your keyboard to start the repair process and after your truck gets fully repaired, it will end automatically.

The machines stored in your vehicle hall can be repaired directly from there and the vehicles that you have stored will be repaired automatically over time.

Once your vehicle is fully refuelled and repaired, you will be able to continue doing your tasks without any issues.

That’s it, now go ahead and visit a fuel station to refuel and repair your truck!