Conan Exiles: How To Make Bricks

Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer survival game where players can build their own kingdom and fight against other players in an open-world environment. You will need to loot dungeons full of loot, survive through extreme temperatures and develop your character to become a mighty barbarian.

Bricks are the most basic items used in the construction of buildings and structures such as walls, ceilings, doors, frames, stairs etc. You can also mix them with iron or steel to create furniture, temples and altars in your settlement.

This guide will tell you how to make a brick in Conan Exiles.

How To Make Bricks – Conan Exiles

In order to create a brick, you will need to gather 10 stones and put them into the furnace. You can obtain stones by cutting down boulders or sandstones in your surroundings.

Use a pickaxe to break down the boulders and collect some stones.

Next, you will need a furnace to cook those bricks and in order to create a furnace, you will need 540 stones and the Apprentice Craftmans to learn the recipe.

Once you have the required amount of stones and the recipe for the furnace, wait for 20 seconds and your furnace will be constructed.

You can now create bricks by simply putting the stones into the furnace and you will receive 28 XP points for cooking each brick.

Put 10 stones into the furnace and then wait for a duration of 10 seconds to receive your freshly baked brick. Make sure to add some wood into the furnace since it requires fuel for crafting items.

The game allows you to craft 100 bricks at a single time and you can use these bricks for the construction of the following buildings and structures:

  • Altar of Set
  • Artisan’s Worktable
  • Carpenter’s Bench
  • Blooded Altar of Ymir
  • Furnace
  • Blacksmith’s Bench
  • Improved Armorer’s Bench
  • Improved Firebowl Cauldron
  • Left-sloping Inverted Stonebrick Wall
  • Left-sloping Stonebrick Wall
  • Right-sloping Inverted Stonebrick Wall
  • Right-sloping Stonebrick Wall
  • Stone brick Ceiling, Doorframe, Fence, Fence Foundation, Foundation, Frame, Gate, Gateway, Pillar, Ramp, Ramp Corner, Stairs, Stairs Corner, Wall, Wall Cap, Wedge, Wedge Foundation
  • Wheel of Pain
  • Rift of Yog
  • Pleasure Dome of Derketo
  • Sanctuary of Mitra
  • Statue of Refreshment
  • Manifestation of Zeal
  • Statue of Guidance
  • Manifestation of Zeal

That’s it, now go ahead and craft some bricks to add new buildings to your settlement!