Conan Exiles: How To Get Thick Leather

September 5, 2022
Want to learn how to get Thick Leather in Conan Exiles? Then you are at the right place!

If you want to get the next armor tier in Conan Exiles, you are required to get a resource called Thick Leather which might be a real challenge for you to obtain it if you don’t know how. Players are required to do a lot of work and hunting which can be difficult. To get the Thick Leather pretty easy, just keep reading our article.

This guide will show you How to Get Thick Leather in Conan Exiles.

How To Get Thick Leather in Conan Exiles

To get the thick leather, you need to hunt large animals such as Bears, Rhinos, and Elephants.

To find these animals, you have to come across into the Highlands.

Once you find some of these animals, you have to kill them, and you will be required the skinning knife that you can learn at Level 15.

You need to carve up the body of the bear, and you will get plenty of Bear Pelts.

Now, you have to go back onto your Tannery or your armors bench.

Place all your bear pelts in there, turn on your tannery and it will automatically start crafting up Thick Leather.

For your Tannery, you will need some Bark that you can get from the trees with your Pickaxe.

Put the Bark in your Tannery and it will continue crafting.

Once done, you can use the Thick Leather to craft various materials that can be later crafted into Armor or Weapons.