Conan Exiles: Hot To Fly With A Bat

Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer survival game where players can build their own kingdom and fight against other players in an open-world environment. You will need to loot dungeons full of loot, survive through extreme temperatures and develop your character to become a mighty barbarian.

Bats are some of the most dangerous monsters that you will encounter in the game and they can easily kill you if you are not too careful. However, you can also use these Bat Demons as a mount and fly high in the sky.

This guide will tell you how to fly with a bat in the game.

Hot To Fly With A Bat – Conan Exiles

In order to fly a bat, first you will need to upgrade your Tome of Kurak to level 11 and you will need 20 Demon Blood, 5 Sacrificial Blood and 1 Sorcerous Spell Page.

The Tome of Kurak can be upgraded at the Thaumaturgy Bench and you will need to wait for 8.2 seconds for the item to craft.

This will give you the ability called Call of Nagral which allows you to summon a bat demon from the abyss. You will need to be 20% corrupted and then the Bat Demon will arrive at your location.

While the flight duration isn’t that long, it can be useful in situations where you need to fly over a chasm or a mountain in the PvP mode.

That’s it, now go ahead and upgrade the Tome of Kurak to unlock the ability to fly bats!

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