COD Modern Warfare 2: How To Make Crossplay Voice Chat Channel Guide

September 27, 2022
Take down your enemies in Modern Warfare 2!

Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming first person shooter from the popular Call of Duty franchise. While the full game is releasing in October, a beta is currently available for Playstation users on September 18 and will open up to other platforms soon, letting players play with even more of their friends. 

Communication with other players plays a crucial part whether you win or lose, and that’s why Modern Warfare 2 also has implemented a Crossplay Voice Chat feature to let players communicate better no matter what they are playing on.

Here’s how to adjust your voice chat settings in Modern Warfare 2!

How To Make Crossplay Voice Chat Channel Guide – COD Modern Warfare 2

You want to go to the “Account & Network” section of your menu and make sure that Crossplay and Crossplay Communication is set to “On”.

Next go to “Activision account” it will show you your username along with the corresponding ID number.

Take note of this and either give your details to a friend or ask for their Activision account name and number and then add them as a friend in the game in the Socials tab.

This works for any player on any platform, so this is how you add friends for crossplay.

Now head to the Social tab of your menu and look at the friend’s profile.

You can go ahead and choose “Channels”, then “Create” and then invite that friend to the channel. To monitor the channels you are a part of, you can simply go to the Channels tab of your menu. There you can see the list of channels and the people who are present.

And that is how to make a Crossplay Voice Chat channel for you and your friends in Modern Warfare 2!