Clash Of Clans: Spear Thrower vs All Troops – Clan Capital

June 26, 2022
Check out this guide to find out how battles go between the Spear Tower and all other troops in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans has different types of troops and structures that can fight against each other. All troops and towers have different stats and unique attack points. The Spear thrower in this game is proven to be much stronger than other units.

That is why today in this guide we will be doing a comparison on which troops can hold up against the Spear thrower in Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Clans: Spear Thrower vs All Troops – Clan Capital

Spear Thrower vs Battle Ram

The Spear Thrower will need to hit the battle ram 6 times in order to break it. Once the ram is down, 4 troops will spread and begin attacking the tower. Here the thrower will 1-shot each troop and win this battle.

Spear Thrower vs. Super Barbarian

In this fight, the spear thrower will need to hit the super barbarian 6 times in order to kill him in which it will be successful and win the fight.

Spear Thrower vs Sneaky Archer

This is an interesting fight as the 5 sneaky archers have the upper hand in not being able to be attacked for several seconds. They will manage to bring the spear thrower at low health but they will lose the battle at the end.

Spear Thrower vs Super Giant

In this fight, we have two high defense low fire-rate attackers that will hit each other for quite some time. The Spear Thrower will need around 20 shots in order to fully destroy the Super Giant and win the fight, making it the winner of this battle.

Spear Thrower vs Minion Horde

This interesting fight has two ranged attacking units. The Minion Horde is a pack of 6 hordes that will attack the spear thrower. They will not be effective whatsoever, the spear tower will simply 1-shot kill all of them and win this fight.

Spear Thrower vs Super Wizard

Two super wizards have no chance in defeating the spear tower. The spear thrower will simply wipe them in 3 shots and win this fight.

Spear Thrower vs Rocket Balloon

This is now an interesting fight. Two Rocket Balloons will come to the top of the Spear Thrower and begin bombing it. This will be a close fight but at the end, the spear thrower will be defeated and the Rocket Balloon will win the fight with low health.

Spear Thrower vs Skeleton Barrel

The Skeleton Barrel will easily win this fight as there are way too many skeletons for the Spear Thrower to kill at once. Once those 3 barrels break down, a lot of skeletons will spawn and simply destroy the Spear Thrower.

Spear Thrower vs Raid Cart

This fight will also end up with the Spear Thrower losing against the Raid Cart. In this fight, simply the Spear Tower is slow at firing and the Raid Cart will manage to destroy it in 4 shots.

Spear Thrower vs Hog Raider

The Hog Raiders have an upper hand in this fight as they have a flying destructive machine that will stun the spear thrower and make it vulnerable for a few seconds. Thus making the spear tower lose in a fight against the hog raider.

X2 Spear Thrower vs Super PEKKA

In this fight, there will be 2 spear throwers and 1 super PEKKA. The Super PEKKA will come out victorious at the end of the day due to its high damage and high amount of health.

X4 Spear Thrower vs Flying Fortress

This is an interesting fight. The 4 Spear thrower will manage to deal a ton of damage against the flying fortress but will still lose at the end of the battle. The Flying Fortress simply does a lot of damage and the minions that spawn from it help out a lot in removing these structures.

X4 Spear Thrower vs Super Dragon

This is a really close fight. The Super Dragon will manage to burn away the 3 spear throwers but at the end, the last barely standing spear thrower will manage to defeat the super dragon and win the war!

X4 Spear Thrower vs Mountain Golem

This is a simple fight. The Mountain Golem is just too strong for 4 spear throwers. It will just come to each tower and slam it in 1 hit. And its health will be up by 70%.