Choo-Choo Charles: Ending & Bosses

Charles is a bloodthirsty train and he is actually the main boss in the game that you need to destroy. Moving around the open world with your old train, your job is to loot and complete missions to find Scraps which will help you upgrade your train and make it ready to fight against the deadly Charles who is hunting you around.

In this guide, we will show you the Ending & Bosses in Choo-Choo Charles!

Ending & Bosses – Choo-Choo Charles

The moment you have upgraded your train enough and feel ready to fight, you will be able to challenge Charles in the last fight from the storyline.

Charles is a deadly train-looking spider who will hunt you dead once he notices you. As you ride with your train, he will go for you and attack your back. You need to use your rifle and shoot him.

While you are shooting at him, Charles will be gone several times and come back on your tail. It’s not possible to escape from him, but you should never stop shooting. At the same time, while he is attacking you, your train will get damaged, and it has to be repaired from the blue script.

Make sure to survive until you reach the temple which is part of the quest. Here in the middle of the room, you will find a shrine with a triangle on top of it. You will have to place the three glowing stones inside the holes of the triangle.

Warren Charles will try to stop you from doing that, but anyway, you will place all the stones and then big lightning will come out of the triangle. It will summon Hell Charles which is more powerful with enhanced spider legs.

After that, you will have to run back to your train, and keep on fighting with Hell Charles.

Make your way fast to your train, and you will get a new objective to slay the beast and shoot him until he’s dead.

On your train, you will find a rocket cannon which is much more powerful, and have to keep on shooting at him until his health bar is low.

At this stage, Hell Charles will be even more aggressive and you must keep on repairing your train while it’s riding.

The moment when Hell Charles health bar will be empty, there will be a cinematic that shows how you pass through a wooden bridge, and it will get ruined and Charles will fall down and get impaled on a spike.

This will be the end for Charles and you will complete the storyline which is actually the end of the game.

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