Chivalry 2: Weapon Tier List

Published: 15 Jun 2022
Check out this weapon tier list for Chivalry 2!

Chivalry 2 offers players a wide range and variety of weapons to take on their enemies on the battlefield. In this guide, we will rank all the weapons into a tier list based on their performance.

Chivalry 2: Weapon Tier List

All the weapons in the game will be categorized into 6 different tiers based on various metrics such as their performance as well as some other metrics. This tier list is created by the Redditor u/Ziggylata who created this for the Highland Test Build.

The tiers that you will find in this list are:

  • S (Best)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E (Worst)

S Tier: Messer, Longsword and One-Handed Sword

A Tier: Two-Handed Spear, One-Handed Spear, Dane Axe, Halberd, Highland Sword, Greatsword, Falchion, Battle Axe and Polehammer

B Tier: One-handed Axe, Warhammer, Morning Star, One Handed Mace and Short Sword

C Tier: Executioner Axe, War Axe, Two-Handed Mace, Pole Axe, Knife,Dagger and Pick Axe

D Tier: Sledge Hammer, War Club and Glaive

E Tier: Maul, Shovel, Cudgel, Hatchet and Rapier

That’s it, this is the complete tier list of all the weapons in Chivalry 2!