Chimeraland: Where To Find Young Mamba

September 22, 2022
Find one of the rarest creatures in Chimeraland by following this guide!

Chimeraland is an open-world RPG game that is heavily based on Eastern mythology. It puts players in a giant sandbox where they have to fend off several prehistoric and mythical creatures while building their characters to their max potential. While most enemies litter the open-world in the open, some are much harder to find, such as the Young Mamba.

These serpent creatures have a low spawn rate and only have a specific place where they may eventually pop out. Worry not; however, we are here to show you how you can find one in no time. Without further ado, here is where to find Young Mamba in Chimeraland.

Where To Find Young Mamba – Chimeraland

First things first, Young Mambas do not spawn in the desert and snow areas, so if you want to find one, better stay away from such.

These serpents can only be found in forest and plain areas.

One area it spawns is in Westmount, in the middle of the forest. See the map above to know where exactly we found it.

Once in the area, press the Explore button every now and then to help you find the creature better.

Select all every time.

Say that you got lucky and the Young Mamba appeared, it should appear as a 1-star Grand Beast, making it one of the toughest creatures to find in the whole game.

Finding one is the tough part. Once you find the Young Mamba, it is very easy to capture.

Simply lower its HP as low as you can without killing it and capture it.

That is it! It may take a few go-arounds before the Young Mamba spawns but be patient and it’ll eventually do. Just circle around the middle of the forest and hope for the best.