Captain of Industry: How To Start Mining

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Time to find out how you can start mining in Captain of Industry.

Captain of Industry is an open world strategy builder game where you start from 0 and slowly make your way up until you create great and giant structures which will make living much simpler. Researching areas and building different objects will require certain materials. Some obtained from the forests, others from the waters and mines.

This guide will show you how to start mining in Captain of Industry.

Captain of Industry: How To Start Mining

To begin your journey, you need to start with the basic builds. Click on the bottom left side of the screen where it says “Layers”. This button will represent a bunch of different layers that you can see.

These layers will represent all the materials that you are able to collect as you play the game. On the left side, you will see all the available materials in the area represented with a color. Each stone mineral has it’s own color.

To begin the mining process, you will need to build a Research Lab and start researching.

On the top side, you will find a smaller tab called “Vehicle & Mining”. This research tab will allow excavators and the mining tower to be able to mine raw materials.

Once you’ve researched this tab, you will be able to build a “Mine Control Tower”. The Mine Control Tower needs to be built at the area where you want to mine the materials.

Once you place down the Mine Control Tower, press on it and you’ll get a yellow square that represents the mining area. Assign trucks and excavators to this area to begin mining.

You can make excavators and trucks at the vehicle depot. Press on your excavator and make sure that you are going down. The small “-1” marker will show you how well you’ve set up your digging strategy.

Once you’ve set up the correct digging area. Simply begin mining and materials will slowly be collected.