Captain of Industry: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Published: 3 Jun 2022
Check out some of these beginner tips and tricks for Captain of Industry.

Captain of Industry is an open world strategy builder game where you start from 0 and slowly make your way up until you create great and giant structures which will make living much simpler. Researching areas and building different objects will require certain materials. It’s great to know some of the basic tips and tricks before you start the game.

This guide will show you the beginner tips and tricks for Captain of Industry.

Captain of Industry: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Getting Started

Once you open up the game you must know a few basic things about it before building things. The best thing to do is build a research lab. The research lab will allow you to learn more machines and get perks. These perks will help you get around the game much quicker.

The research tree is quite large in this game, researching everything will surely take some time but it will be worth it long-term.

Food Production

Once you unlock the farm, you want to have a clear space and an area that has ground water which will help you grow your crops. You can find ground water by pressing the “Layers” button on the bottom left side.


To begin material production, you will need to research enough in your researcher. As you progress your research, you will unlock production structures that will help you produce materials. Mining, food gathering, woodcutting, electricity is part of all the essentials for building.

Unlock all of the research tabs to unlock buildings that you can combine together and begin gathering scrap materials. Areas filled with materials can be seen once you press on the “Layers” menu.


Mining is an essential method of obtaining ore minerals which can be used for energy, research, and creating builds. To begin mining, you need to find mining spots and use a mining control tower. The mining control tower can order trucks and excavators to mine and collect materials.

Set up a vehicle depot and a mine control tower. Once they are created, set up some excavators and trucks to begin mining.

Once you’ve set up your equipment to mine in a specific area, you will need to set up a mining space and make sure that the excavators are mining down to at least a -8 depth.

Fuel & Power

Fuel is needed to power up some of your machines and allow you to drive vehicles. In the research area, you will find the “Basic Diesel” section that you can learn. This will allow you to pump out oil and let you turn it into diesel.

Set up oil pumps to begin gathering oil, a liquid dump is an area where you want to dispose your unwanted oil, the basic distiller will help you get diesel and store it in the fluid storage.


Building a trading dock in water will allow you to trade certain materials with other villages around your island.

Trading materials with villages is a great way to obtain certain resources that you need and are hard to obtain.

Overall in this game, you need to slowly follow your research skill tree and progress through it. As you get deeper and deeper into the skill tree, you will develop new unique objectives.

You can also try to play the game your way and focus on having the best fuel on your island or being the richest with mining materials.