Call Of The Wild The Angler: How To Make A Rod Reel Line Setup Guide

September 2, 2022
Here you can learn How To Make a Rod Reel Line Setup in Call Of The Wild The Angler!

If you are going fishing, then you must have chosen the right rod reel line in order to make your catch successful. There are different rod reels in the game which have different statistics that they are capable of when you try to catch a specific fish. If you don’t know how to set up your rod reel line, we are here to help you out.

This guide will show you How to Make a Rod Reel Line Setup in Call Of The Wild The Angler.

How To Make A Rod Reel Line Setup Guide in Call Of The Wild The Angler

You can go to your Backpack and select Rods where you can see all your available rods. You will need to look only at one statistic which is the most important.

Max Line Strength is the most important stat that you need to know. That is the strength of the line that you can put on the Rod.

If you have a Genesis Match type Rod, it has max Line Strength of 3kg, which means if you go above 3kg, the game won’t allow you to equip it.

This is all you need to look for about the Rods because all other stats don’t matter.


If you go to the reels, you will find a lot of stats about the reels but what is most important is the Max Drag and Strength.

Adjust the right strength of your reel with the rod thread pressure strength.

Max Drag in the fishing world actually works as a brake. If it has 5kg, it means that the maximum pressure it can tolerate is 5kg. It is important to know because the more pressure strength you can put on the fish, the faster fish is fatigued and you can catch bigger fish.

To do the calculation is pretty easy. If 5kg is 100%, and you are on 10%, then it’s 1/10 of 5kg which is 0.5.

If you put 10% on this reel, you can get a pressure strength of 0.5kg. You should not start with a high percentage because you might break your Rod thread.

For example, 90% is a total of 4.5kg pressure strength, and if your fishing rod thread has only 0.50kg strength it will get cut.