Call Of The Wild The Angler: How To Catch Lake Trout Guide

September 5, 2022
It’s time to catch Lake Trout in Call Of The Wild The Angler!

In the newly released fishing simulator, The Call Of The Wild: The Angler, players can experience real fishing in a CO-OP multiplayer mode and also start fishing together with their friends. There are some fishes in the game like the Lake Trout which are very hard to catch and even those pro fishing players might have a hard time catching one of these fishes which requires a different technique.

This guide will show you How To Catch Lake Trout in Call Of The Wild The Angler.

How To Catch Lake Trout Guide in Call Of The Wild The Angler

It is not over complicated to catch this fish if you know what to do.

First of all, you need the right fishing setup in order to catch Lake Trout. The best and most recommended setup for this catching is as followed:

Make sure to choose the Lure Spinning Rig Fishing style.

  1. Fishing Rod: Virtuoso
  2. Reel: Mediator
  3. Line: Braided
  4. Lure: Spinner

Lake Trout fish can be found in the deep waters and mostly in bigger lakes around the map.

The deeper the water the more Lake Trout you are going to get.

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They are catchable in the day time and night time, which means you can fish them the entire time. There are areas where you can get Silver, Gold, and Diamond Lake Trout fish, but normally, most of the time you will get Silver and Gold.

After getting your fishing setup and you are at your fishing location, you would want to throw your spinner deep in the water, minimum 30 meters deep, and then wait for the fish to take a bite.

If you have waited long enough, make sure to reel in the line until you see the yellow symbol on the second logo on your screen.

When the yellow symbol appears, let go off the string and wait for the yellow to go away.

Once it is gray, start reeling again and try to wait for a bit, and then reel again.

Like this you will come to a distance where the fish is and you have more chances the fish to bite.

After this you just need to pull the string out to catch the Lake Trout.