Call Of Duty Warzone: Fix Error Code 11328

September 13, 2022
Here you can learn How to Fix Error Code 11328 in Call of Duty: Warzone!

Call of Duty: Warzone currently is having crashes that prevent players from playing the game online. It might be very frustrating once you are prepared to play with your friends, and suddenly you got an Error Code 11328 which disconnects you from the Call of Duty servers. Don’t panic because even you can try to fix it.

This guide will show you How to Fix Warzone Error Code 11328 in Modern Warfare.

Call Of Duty Warzone: Fix Error Code 11328

Warzone Error Code 11328 hinders many players from playing the game by sticking in an endless Fetching Online Profile Loop.

This problem is coming with the Activision account, which the game can’t access.

Because this error is associated with your Activision account, there are a few steps to do in order to fix it.

  • Restart the Console & Game

Sometimes even a single restart can fix many errors. That’s why simply restart your game and the console, and then relaunch it all over again. This method might be repeated several times if it doesn’t work right away.

  • Update your game

Check for the latest updates and make sure that Warzone is up-to-date and running the newest version. To do this, go to your launcher, hit the settings button, and then select “Search for Updates”. If you are playing on console, just press the options button.

  • Restart your router

Because you can’t connect to the server of the game, and obviously it is an online game, all you need to do is simply just unplug your router, and after a few seconds plug it back. Check the stability of your internet connection and then try to open and test your game.

  • Scan/repair, or Re-install the game

If none of the options above didn’t help you fix this error, then you might need to scan/repair the game or even re-install it. On PC you have an option to scan the game for faulty data and it will automatically repair for you. In the worst case, you can try to reinstall the game and then go to log in back to your account.