Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) – Nessie Trophy Guide (Wetwork Stealth)

October 21, 2022
Be a ghost and haunt the docks!

Dealing with the bombastic and action-heavy levels of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II masterfully rewards players with the appropriate Trophies, assuming that you are playing on PlayStation consoles. Getting these rewards can vary from just finishing the level itself to fulfilling certain requirements that could test the player’s skills and patience. One instance of this is the Nessie Trophy which you can get in the Wetwork level of the game.

Below is how you get the Nessie Trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s Wetwork level.

Nessie Trophy Guide (Wetwork Stealth) – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)

To get the Nessie Trophy, you would have to reach the barge in the game’s Wetwork level without alerting any guards roaming the area. You essentially have to be a ghost to get this.

After the opening cinematic, you’d be tasked to meet Captain Price the legend himself in the area’s barge.

Swim to the dock just ahead of you, while also paying close attention to the lamppost at the very end of it. There is a guard there that you need to take out.

Swim close enough to him that you can throw a well-placed knife at him to take him down in one fell swoop.

After taking the guard down, go up the dock and get the silenced pistol the guard had.

Now swim to the next dock located in between two ships. It is again lit up by a lamppost at the very end so you won’t have trouble locating it.

Carefully sneak your way through the dock. Take down enemy guards you see using the silenced pistol you now have. Just be sure that you are taking them down without other guards seeing you.

After that jump on the boat directly ahead of the dock path you went up just a while ago, then dive into the water. Keep yourself underwater this time.

Swim beneath the boats to keep yourself hidden from the enemies above. You’d have to reach the next dock point after going through the boats.

Take note that you can pop your head up the water for some air from time to time; just be quick as the guards may notice you.

Once you are at the next dock point, you’d notice that a guard is standing right beneath the lamppost once more. Hide over some boats ahead of you and place a knife on his head to take him down.

Head up the dock again and throw another knife or shoot the other guard just ahead.

Now dive again into the water. This time, go to the far end of the dock while again keeping your head underwater to avoid any detection.

Just before the stairs to the surface, there is a pair of guards standing on the dock on patrol. Take them down using the pistol or the throwing knife. Make sure that one does not see you take down the other.

After that, you’d notice that there is a small patrol boat at the very center of the dock – Captain Price would ask you to take it if you can.

Swim to the back side of the small boat and take down the guards using it currently.

After gaining control of the patrol boat, Captain Price will notify you that another patrol boat is on the way. He wants you to take it as well.

Before the patrol boat even comes into play, position yourself near the Vogel Postal Service blue boat.

Wait for the patrol boat to come to get a jump on them.

Once it appears, simply do the same thing you did with the first one.

Every guard on the dock should be dealt with now.

After that, head now to the surface. Look at the image above.

Captain Price now wants you to meet up with him in the barge – albeit carefully still.

There are two guards on the way there walking and talking to each other. Take them down swiftly using your throwing knife and silenced pistol.

You now only have to deal with two more enemies without being seen to get the Trophy. One is standing near the trash bins, while the other is under another lamppost.

After dealing with them, the Trophy should pop up in your notifications. Congratulations and Goodluck!