Bosses List | Lies of P

June 26, 2023
Check out this list of all the bosses currently available in Lies of P.

As you progress through the story of Lies of P, you will encounter interesting and challenging enemies with varying levels of complexity. The demo version of the game currently features 3 different bosses, each of them a formidable foe in their own right.

This guide will tell you about all the bosses that you will find in the game.

Bosses List

There are a total of three bosses that you can find in the demo version:

The first boss that you will find is the Parade Master who can be found in the Krat Central Station area of the game. He is a giant puppet with a cage attached to his back who uses slam and sweep attacks to intimidate his enemies.

You will need to parry and dodge a lot as you try to keep up with his moves and learn his attack patterns. The Parade Master has two attack phases that will test your dodging skills and agility as you try to find a window to unleash a counterattack and take down this ugly trash bucket.

The second boss that you will need to defeat is the Mad Donkey who requires a different combat approach to tackle. Unlike the Parade Master, you will need to parry less often and find innovative ways to bait the enemy to look for a window to attack.

With an unpredictable attack pattern, it is more difficult to dodge his attack rather than unleash a counterattack to stand a chance in the fight. Defeating this donkey with a sharp blade will certainly test your maneuver and combat skills.

Last but not least is the final boss called Scrapped Watchman, a giant robot with a rotating head and four legs with electricity flowing through his body. This is the most challenging fight in the demo as you have total freedom to approach the combat so you can go full parry or find tactical openings to perform an attack.

You can also choose to bait and switch so you are not limited to just one playstyle for this particular boss. Due to his unreliable attack patterns, it is very difficult to perform a backstab attack or predict where the next blow will land. Once you defeat this boss, you also get a preview of the skills and perks that you can unlock in the final version of the game.

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